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Lakeridge Maple Farm: Our Story


My business partner Jason Macie and I (Jason Herron) met in kindergarten and have been friends ever since. Almost everyone we know calls me Herron and him Mace to avoid the “Jason” confusion. When we were younger we loved to go to northern Vermont to camp and fish. That is when we first talked about owning land and trying to make a living off of it. As you might imagine, we both really love the outdoors and enjoy working in the woods. 

Our main goal was to start a sugaring operation but we couldn’t afford an actual “sugar bush.” For your reference, an established sugar bush is basically a wooded area with almost exclusively maple trees. The land we purchased, was mostly Hemlock trees with maples scattered throughout.


We have been logging the Hemlock and non-Maple hardwoods to expose the maples. The non-Maple hardwood we turn into firewood. We cut, split and deliver that firewood locally.


Since we have so many Hemlock trees and a need for our own lumber, we purchased a sawmill. We now sell rough sawn lumber. 

Firewood & Rough Sawn Lumber
Contact us if you are interested in our wood products.

DSC_0374 (2).JPG
Lakeridge Maple Sign

We are proud to now be able to start offering a full line of delicious hand crafted Vermont Maple Syrup Products.

We are just getting our online store running, so stay tuned for more products to be added in June 2019. Until we get all of our products up on our website, feel free to Contact us  to find out what we have in stock. We are shipping products!

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